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Charitable Giving

Bare in the Air

For five years we hosted the “Bare in the Air” naked ziplining event to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

This iconic event was a fun way for women to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation and over the four years we raised over $50,000 and have heard a lot of giggles and laughter!


Change the World

Starting this year, we are supporting the Cambodian Childs Dream Foundation, a charity that builds fresh water wells, septic systems and provides education for the poorest of the poor in rural Cambodia.

Cambodia is slowly rebuilding after being decimated by US bombing during the Vietnam War, and then by the mad and despotic Khmer Rouge who killed 3.5 million of their own citizens, out of a population of 8 million,  in just over 4 four years.

Just $150 builds a water well for up to 12 Cambodians who otherwise have no access to fresh water, and instead have to drink the muddy, soiled water from streams and irrigation ditches.

Kevin discovered this charity while traveling in Cambodia, and has already built two wells, one of which commemorated the wedding of his nephew and this year, ZipZone will be launching a ‘Change the World’ campaign to collect loose change from guests and will match their donations dollar for dollar.

The goal is to build 65 water wells, providing water to around 750 poor Cambodians.