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Fly 2, 4 or 6 lines, whatever suits your budget and time! …

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Eagle Six Line Tour

The grand slam. All six lines. You can’t get a better experience. Takes up to 2.5 hours

All of the lines in the Falcon tour PLUS:

“The Dangle-ator”. Do the Dangle™ on our signature line: zip upside down 250ft in the air!  This long line takes you skimming over the tops of beautiful aspens, through an avenue of majestic Douglas Firs and onto a plateau in the canyon where you’ll enjoy magnificent vistas of the entire valley.

“The Powerline” Fast, long, high. This line has it all. Epic vistas, sky-high soaring and a long, long ride. This long, fast line takes you from the highest point on the course, past majestic pines and way below you flows the beautiful Deep Creek.

Family games, Puzzlearium and picnic area.

Falcon Four Line Tour

A budget option that is great for families, take our epic FOUR line tour. Takes up to 1.5 hours.

All of the lines in the Kestrel tour PLUS:

“Gold Rush”. This line is the lowest in the canyon and offers a spectacular view of our very own abandoned gold mine! Ask your guides to point it out so you can see it as you zip across!

“The Big Chill”, a fun freestyle line where you get to show off your freestyle moves 250ft in the air. Ask your guide to show you the Big Chill!

Family games, Puzzlearium and picnic area.

Kestrel Two Line Tour

For those that don’t have the time for all six lines, take our epic TWO line tour. Takes about an hour.

“The Bucket-Lister”, the highest freestyle zipline in Canada, 381ft in the air! This is the highest freestyle zipline in Canada, and the one to cross off your bucket list. A long, low angle flight that lets you meander in the air, soaking up the sensation of free-flight high above the ground. Don’t be surprised if you see Bald Eagles BELOW YOU.

“Speed Freak”, the longest, fastest zipline in the Okanagan, 1800ft of rush. Our fastest line that flies you through the canyon and makes you feel you’re going to hit the canyon walls. Screams are usually involuntary! You’ll experience the thrill of the canyon walls flying past on either side, above you and below you. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to soar like an eagle, this is the line for you.

Family games, Puzzlearium and picnic area.

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Our 2.1 kilometers (6,750ft) of zip lines criss-cross the stunningly beautiful Deep Creek Gorge at heights of up to 381ft!